The Smile tag ☺ 

Hi guys! Welcome back to my blog. For those who are new, Hiiii!😊Today, I’m going to be doing the Smile tag by Ciarralorren. I actually saw the post on Marioness‘ blog and I loved it. It’s generally just a tag where you post one or more photos which make you smile, share the meaning behind them and tag others. I think it’s a great initiative and that’s why I just had to participate. Btdubs check out her blog for some amazing content. So here are 3 photos which make me smile ☺ 

One thing that makes me happy is a genuine smile. Really Jess? What makes you smile is a smile?! Yh. It might sound cheesy but it’s true. I love a great genuine smile. One that comes from the heart. This is a picture from an ad for mothers day. I love it cause even though these people are probably not related in real life, they look really happy. Kinda makes me want to do a photoshoot with my mom as well 😊

Now this is family goals. I dunno why I love this pic but one day I hope my family is as playful as this. 😊 

This is kinda self explanatory I guess. I saw this on Facebook and I feel like it represents most of us. Plus, I just love memes 😁

That’s all for today. I hope you loved these pictures as much as I do. By the way this tag is open to everyone who likes this Post! If you do participate, please comment down👇  below with the link to your smile tag post. Please pass on the initiative and also, don’t forget to smile – cause duh, you’re never fully dressed without it ☺😊😀😁



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