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Sneakers for better days || OOTW

Hi guys. Hope you’re all having a fun Sunday! This is just another OOTW. For those who don’t know, OOTW means Outfit Of The Week. I just have a few pics to share from my day today. I really love this outfit and I hope you guys love it too😊.

👕Top by H&M

👖 Jeans by Oakridge (shop at the Mrp store) 

👟 Sneakers by Nike (Zoom Pegasus)

🎒Super cute Bagpack by Tommy Hilfiger (I love it so much!)

PS: I put on lipstick today! You might not notice tho but I did😊.
Thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful week ahead 🌟😊😘



12 thoughts on “Sneakers for better days || OOTW

    1. Thank you! I actually took the photos before I entered the church building. Right at the door! It was really awkward cause people kept staring at me. But I couldn’t just miss out on taking some great pics 😊

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