So yeah, it’s been approximately 7 days since my last post and some of you guys might’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been!

We’ll I’ve been doing fine, thanks for asking (or not asking). I know I’m behind schedule on a lot of posts like inspiration Monday, this week’s OOTW, award posts and the likes, but I promise I will get to them as soon as I can.

In this post, I’d be telling you guys what’s been up with me, hence the title UPDATES.
1. Phone issues – if you read my New Years Resolution post, I so desperately stated that I needed a new phone because the one I’m currently using is getting harder to cope with. And might I just say, it’s gotten worse 😠. Here is the list

  • For now, my phone can’t connect to my laptop
  • The Bluetooth doesn’t work so I can’t connect to any Bluetooth device 
  • The mobile Hotspot doesn’t work so I can’t share Internet with anyone. 
  • It takes forever to charge. HONESTLY! I plugged my phone in for 3 hours and came back and it wasn’t even half full. Barely 40% charged!😡  
  • It doesn’t recognize my SD card anymore, so I’m fully relying on the internal memory. 
  • It has wiped (i.e. gone to factory default setting) more than 3 times this year, by itself! 

There are other issues, but these are the ones that I remember off the top of my head, probably because they are the most frustrating! That’s why I’ve been feeling really unmotivated to post in the last week.

I do basically everything on my phone and when my phone isnt cooperating with me, I feel even more unmotivated (no phone=no everything that I was formerly doing, including blogging)



2. Church– so through out last week and this month, I have been/will be active in church. We’re having our annual conference/concert (which I’m totally inviting all of you guys to!) and we gats to pray and do rehearsals and stuff. I’m in the teens choir (woot woot!)


3. Lessons– school results are out and first of all, THANK YOU LORD JESUS for an amazing result this semester, probably the best I’ve had so far! (un)Fortunately, in a few days, I’ll be starting lessons for a professional exam coming up in November (so I guess that’s one more thing to keep me preoccupied)


I think that’s generally it for life updates. Here are my blog updates 


1. Inspiration Monday is still on! However, I need to work my way around this phone ish and probably schedule all July posts

2. OOTW is still on as well but it’s now going to be a Saturday post

3. If I can, I’ll squeeze in extra posts like HAVE YOU EVER and routines. I really liked the responses I got from the last have you ever post, so I guess I just want to see how this goes 😊. It could be a new segment on the blog, who knows?

4. I’ve decided to bring back Verse of the Week devotionals, but that’s going to be scheduled as well for the whole of July.

5. Featured images will be constant for OOTW, Inspiration Monday and Verse of the Week because ain’t nobody got time for decorating! (sorry, I meant to say, it’s going to be really difficult,  so yay for constant featured images for the rest of July!)

All these will take effect from next week.

Can I just have this week off, please? Thank you 😊❤

And that’s basically it! If I have any more info I’ll let you know! 

Thank you for bearing with me😶😊. 

Also thanks for the wonderful comments I’ve been receiving. Reading your comments literally makes my day. Ilygsm! 

Stay blessed, stay safe and keep shining!




PS, Happy 4th of July to my American friends here on WP!!!




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