Moving Forward || Inspiration Monday 

Hello! Hello!! Hello!!! 

What’s up beautiful peeps? 

So it’s a brand new week, and as usual I like to start with something inspiration(y) 😁. 

Today I just want to encourage. Encourage you to MOVE FORWARD 

I found this really cool acronym online for the word Forward  








Many people are stuck in their past. Whether it’s pasts failures, disappointments, setbacks, mistakes, regret, missed opportunities etcetera. It’s an incredibly common case in most people today. 

Quick disclaimer BTW. I’m not suggesting forgetting the past entirely. That’s not possible. I’m saying not to dwell on it. 

The acronym says FOCUS ON REAL WINS AND REDUCE DISTRACTIONS. Instead of beating yourself up constantly on all the things you haven’t accomplished, why don’t you remind yourself of the little things you have. Remind yourself of the wins you’ve made in life and use that as a confidence booster to do more. 

There’s this funny thing my Sunday school teacher told us in class. When writing an exam or test, to boost her faith she would always remind herself of the past exams she’d written and aced. Even if those exams were as far back as elementary school. Yh, I know, crazy. But why not? 

Then, we have the ‘reduce Distractions’ part. This is almost self explanatory. There will always be circumstances, people or inner thoughts telling you why you can’t achieve what it is you’ve set your heart to do. But you can’t let that derail you. You have to keep moving forward. 


Finally, I end with a Verse (as always) 😊

Brothers and sisters, I do not consider that I have made it my own yet; but one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and reaching forward to what lies ahead, I press on…..  



That’s all for today. Do have a lovely day! 




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