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Stripes FTW! || OOTW 

Hello beautiful peeps! (okay, I feel like that intro is getting old)

FYI, I just watched Beauty and the Beast and it was bae!!! This is like the third time I’m watching it but I just love it so much. Let’s just say I love all things Disney and princess(y). Also, I’m about to binge watch all 3 seasons of Jane the Virgin. Wish me luck!

With that out of the way, let’s get into today’s post. OUTFIT OF THE WEEK!

I’ve mentioned this countless times and I’ll keep saying it. I love these kinds of posts. They’re so fun to do. Plus I always get great comments so, yh!

This was the outfit I wore on Sunday to church. Hope you like the pics!

Here’s my brother who loves Nikes and Forever 21 😝


The dress is from Ross. It’s by NoBo

The shoes are by Nike (obvi)

The backpack is from Burlington. It’s by Rampage. I guess you might have already noticed how much I love backpacks!

PS: I have popsocks on, in case you’re wondering 😊


See my Facebook page for more pics

Also, I have an Instagram page (if you didn’t know). So yh, follow, follow, follow! 😘



That’s all for now.

Do have a lovely day!



3 thoughts on “Stripes FTW! || OOTW 

  1. I love your outfit and you’re so gorgeous!!! Jane the Virgin is AMAZING!! I watched all three seasons in about three weeks of my summer holidays!! I’m so desperate for a new season!!xx

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