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Summer Highlights (Part 1)

Hello WP fam/Internet fam! 

Today I’m going to be doing a summer recap!

Since back to school is just around the corner,  (I know for a fact that some people are already back to school) I decided to share with you guys how my summer went. Not in detail of course but just the stuff that were pretty significant.

So this isn’t just going to be about the exciting stuff (because my life isn’t that exciting 🙁)  but I’ll try to make it sound so .

So without further adieu, here are my summer 2017 highlights (the good, the bad and the down right awkward moments)


1. Meet up/chatting with friends:

This summer I got to meet up with one of my close friends from school. On a norm, I don’t get to hang out with most of my friends from school because they live in different states of the country. But this year, since most of us were working as interns in the same state or attending summer lessons, we got to see each other.

Also, I got to call a lot of my other friends from school, church and sometimes we would talk for hours. Like literally. I used to be the person who kept phone conversations short, but for some reason, now I can go on and on till my phone battery dies. Am I the only one?


2. Room overhaul

This summer, I had a lot of time on my hands (before I started my summer lessons). So, I decided to put that time into good use. I reorganised my entire room. It was exhausting but totally worth it! I also worked on my organisation skills (colour coding my wardrobe, shoes, etc).


3. New phone

So finally, after more than half of the year, I can cross this item off my new year’s resolution. Yeah b, I got a new phone! I don’t want to get into too much detail but I’m gonna do a what’s on my phone post later on.


4. Clothing haul/giveaway

So this summer, I got some super cute clothes. Dresses, backpacks, shoes, etc. I also got to give away a ton of my old clothes or stuff I don’t use that often to other people which was pretty cool. I definitely recommend giving away items you don’t use to make room for more. You don’t want to be a hoarder now, do you?


5. Youtube

A significant part of my summer time has been spent watching YouTube and can I just say that it has pretty much changed my life. Okay not ‘changed my life’ but it’s helped me alot. I love watching lifestyle videos on how to organise your life, time management and all that sort of stuff. Not just because I’m a HUGE procrastinator but because it just feels a lot better when your life is organised!

I also love watching what’s in my bag or room or car videos. I don’t know, I just like to know what stuff people keep in different places probably so I would know how to organise my stuff as well. Comment down 👇  below if you agree.


6. No TV

So this might come as a shocker to most people, but thoughout the summer, I didn’t watch cable TV. I know, awkward! At first I didn’t think it was possible, but now, I’m so used to it. Probably because I can do everything I need to do in my phone, including watch videos. But I dunno, TV isn’t a significant part of my life anymore. I’ve moved on😁
I’m so sorry I have to end the post here (it’s literally 1am in the morning and I need to be up before 7am) but stayed tuned (?) for part 2!

Hope you enjoyed the post! Comment down below ⬇ on some of your summer highlights. I’ll see you guys soon.





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