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Summer 2017 Highlights (Part 2)

Hello everyone! How’s your day been?

Let’s keep the intro short.

Basically this me telling you how my summer went (in bullet points!)



7. 300 followers on Instagram!

This summer, I reached 300 followers on Instagram!!!! OMG. I’m so grateful to my instafam and friends. Thank you so much for making my social media life more bearable 😜. PS, if you aren’t already following me, what are you doing?!! Click right here!


8. Learnt a new skill + book count (FAIL)

Okay, I had originally planned on learning something new this summer, but things didn’t go quite as planned. I also wanted to do a lot of reading. I actually found a lot of great books at home. But unfortunately, I never got to the doing part. My current book count is 0.35 (procrastination sucks 😣)


9. Met new people

This summer I’m proud to say that I met a bunch of new people and reconnected with a few of my childhood friends. I used to be really shy and reserved but I guess putting yourself out there doesn’t hurt.


10. My teacher remembered my name!

So as I said in the previous post, I attended summer lessons this year. I don’t know if I’ve told anyone, but for some reason, ever since I got into uni, I can’t get my teachers to remember my name. In their minds, I’m probably one of those random students that come to class daily. However, this year (drumroll please), it finally happened! I was in class and a teacher actually directed a question to me, with my name! (I honestly felt so fulfilled 😀😁)


11. Learnt how to do fidget spinner tricks

Okay this one is pretty silly but it actually made my summer a bit more interesting. My mom got me and brother fidget spinners and at first I was a bit skeptical about the new fidget spinner trend but child, you got to try it! It’s so satisfying! (can I add this as a skill I learnt? Jk😁)


That’s all I can remember guys.  I hope you liked the post!

For those of you wondering why I started from number 7, this is the part 2 to the previous post right here. Also, comment down below if you would like back to school posts and also how you’re doing because I really do care 😊. 

Do have a lovely day ❤️




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