Hey boos!

What’s up. The ceiling, the sky,… Jk😁.

Few weeks ago, I took a bunch of pretty cool pics and I thought I’d show some to you guys. I’m not much of a photographer but I think I did just fine. I decided to create a segment on the blog for my photos called fotografie (which is photograph in German!)

An ways, hope you like this post! ❤ ❤

It really looked like it was gonna rain but it didn’t……so I think I should title this “Closecall” 

If you follow me on instagram, you’d have seen this on my IG stories #pinkevening

Yet another cloudy as heck photo

In my country, we don’t have autumn or winter so it’s pretty much still summer here. Fall ain’t got nothing on us! 😉
This was me trying to get a photo of the teeny tiny moon at about 6pm

Thanks for visiting the blog today. And also thank you so much for the awesome comments you leave me everyone you do. I love you guys so much! 


Until next time



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