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Current Favs 

Hey blogosphere peeps!! How you doing! Hope you’re super chill cause it’s a Friday #Tgif!!! (okay started making this post on a Friday but what the heck 😛) #TGIS??

It’s been ages….again 😔. I’m sorry for the ‘hiatus’ but you know the drill, school n all. I’m kind of free for the time being (sort of…..okay not really), so I thought, why not do a bit of blogging? And a bit of blogging I shall do! 😁

Today I’m going to share my current favourite things on the blog just cause I’ve never done one of those ‘monthly favs posts’ and I don’t want to wait till the end of the month because I might forget and also because, stuff mentioned below, aren’t just from this month. It’s just stuff I currently love and would tots recommend.

So without further adieu, let’s get started!!


So my current favourite app is Twitter!!! I don’t know why but I just think Twitter is savage 💯. Every single time I’m online, I see something that makes me laugh so hard! It’s ridiculous 😁😂.

BTW, if you’re not already following me on twitter @jessykha_, whatcha doing!! (I know, total shameless plug😁😏)
Games 🎮 

Okay, so if you knew me before, as in last semester, you’d know that I had a lot of games on my phone. And when I say a lot, I mean ALOT. Thankfully, this year, I’m better now. Just have a few but my fav atm is this new one called word cookies. Not only is it super addictive, but you also get to learn and build your vocab (win-win!)



My fav youtuber right now……..okay youtubers because I just can’t pick, are Lavendaire and Janina Vela. I love Lavendaire cause she’s so zen and organised, and Janina cause she’s funny and so lovable. 

Lavendaire makes lifestyle and personal growth videos and Janina makes beauty and fashion related videos.
Movies/series 📺 
OMG so I just recently watched Riverdale (season 1 tho) and can I just say……i was mindblown. It’s soo good!!! The suspense is ridiculous, like?!??!!? Plus #bughead!!!

My fav movie rn is a close tie between Transformers the last knight and Beauty and the Beast

#disneyfordays 👑


Scents 🌸 

My first beauty-related fav is this perfume I got from my mom (hi mom!) during the summer hols. It’s called Pretty, by Elizabeth Arden and I AM IN LOVE WITH IT!!

Hair 💇

My next fav is this conditioning shampoo. Super random, but here’s a quick back story.

About 2 years ago, I used a terrible hair product and it made my hair to tangle so bad. (Tangle is an understatement) My hair literally shrunk into knots and every effort to detangle it, proved futile. I was actually terrified of the idea that it was turning into dreadlocks. (ps I do not have natural/virgin hair, if you were wondering).

Sadly I had to cut away the knotted parts which left my hair as a shadow of what it used to be. From then onwards, everytine I washed my hair, it would always tangle so bad and knot itself which left me dreading or avoiding the experience of washing my hair. 

Luckily, the other day, my mom got me this shampoo called Longrich that she’s selling. At first I was super apprehensive towards trying it cause tbh, I have tried many other products, plus she kept over-hyping the shampoo and I was like ‘Pffft, what’s so great about it? It’s not even that expensive so it couldn’t be as great as she’s making it out to be’. Finally I agreed to use it and OMG guys, my hair is a testimony right now. It didn’t knot when I washed it (hallelujah!).  

Comment down below if you want more deets on the shampoo. I might do another post on my Longrich haul cause apparently, they have loads of other amazing stuff! 
(Ps: This is not a sponsored post)

Backpack 🏫

My next fav is this really cute backpack that I’m sure most of you have seen in many OOTWs. It’s currently serving as my school backpack and it’s doing a pretty decent job! It surprisingly  holds a lot of stuff while being super cute at the same time 😊

Music 🎶  

My fav singles are What a beautiful name by Hillsong and Love has a name by Kim Walker Smith. 

My favourite album is Revealing Jesus by Darlene Zschech. 

Food 🍲

Can I just say, nothing satisfies better than a good old home cooked meal.  And just cause #foodislife I’m going to admit that unfortunately, I have no ‘food fav’, but here’s the top 3:

  1. Jollof rice/fried rice with fried plantain and chicken
  2. Suya/kills with rice (pretty much any meal garnished with meat)
  3. Semovita and egusi soup (with lots of meat)



Thats all for today, hope you enjoyed the post! ❤

Please comment down below how your semester or month is going. Also are you excited for the Holidays?!🎄


Until next time

Remain Blessed ❤️



6 thoughts on “Current Favs 

  1. For some reason… I really dislike Twitter. I just never have gotten into it very well. I’ve been trying and trying. It’s hard for me to keep up with everything being said. Although, I do have one (necessary evil in today’s world). I have been sticking with instagram a lot more (& sometimes I’m a SnapChat whore– not literally 😉 ).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😁. It takes time to understand. Plus I follow a lot of funny people so that helps. Yh go with what you like. IG and Snapchat FTW 😊


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