You are Noticed || INSPIRATION MONDAY 

Hello!  Hello!!  

How are you? How was your Thanksgiving weekend? 

Today is actually a Thursday, meaning I scheduled this post cause I know I’m going to be super busy in the coming weeks (#bloggerstruggles #studentbloggerlife #finalsweeksoon) 

Plus I really wanted to do this post. 

Today on the blog, as always on #InspirationMonday I have got something that I feel a lot of people need to hear to hear to feel inspired and fired up!🔥  



So a few says ago I was going through my Instagram (PS FOLLOW ME 😁😁) and I saw this post by Emma Mae Jenkins. She posts really beautiful and inspiring messages on her IG (with great photos tho) every single day.  I am honestly amazed at how she does it! 

This particular one inspired me so much that I really felt like I should share it with you guys. 

So here I am! 

(PS I just copied and pasted the post because I felt like it was already more than enough. Enjoy!! ❤) 


You are Noticed by Emma Mae Jenkins

Hi!! Hello! Howdy!! 

Yes beloved one I am saying hello to you because I want you to know that you are noticed. Not that kind of noticed where people look at you and judge and make fun….no no no my love, I want you to know that you are noticed by the King of kings and HE DECLARES THAT YOU ARE SO CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!! 

People will say that you aren’t worthy of “fitting in” and truth is that you aren’t. YOU ARE WORTHY OF SO MUCH MORE! To ‘fit in’ to the world would be settling to be noticed temporarily. But God notices you and sees you and seals you in His righteous approval as He adorns you in His timeless grace. He accepts you and notices you in every kind of way that He is enthralled by your beauty and excites in joy and gladness at the wonderful truth that you belong to Him and that yes, you are different! The most glorious and radiant different because He set you apart! He fearfully and wonderfully knit you together in your mother’s womb and embraced you in His promises. 

You may not feel like you are noticed at all, you may not feel that you are noticed in a way that you would like…but precious child of God, I can tell you that you are noticed by the One who knows you fully and loves you fully, and this One who notices you is the only noticing that truly matters and holds eternal and unfading value. 

You ARE noticed! 

You are noticed by the Author of humanity and the Illustrator of your beautiful being! He sees your hurts, He sees your pain, He sees your joys, He sees what gets you excited and what scares you. He sees and cherishes you. He is the very One who fashioned the priceless loveliness of how your smile curves and the sweet crinkles that your nose makes when you laugh. He sees not only the things that you let others know, but the parts that you won’t dare share, and He loves you still. HE MADE A MASTERPIECE WHEN HE MADE YOU. And I had to say hello because you are loved and you need to know that your true beauty doesn’t go unnoticed. The world would really miss out if you set aside being the set apart beauty that God made you to be❤️😊.  


So that’s it!

I hope this inspired you to feel differently about yourself and know of course that you are a special, loved and down right amazing human being! 

I love you guys so much! Have a wonderful day 😊 😘 




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