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IG highlights || 2017 Blogweek

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy guys!!

So it’s day 2 of blog week!!

Today I decided to do a 2017 recap in the form of pics, IG pics to be exact😁. So it’s kinda like OOTW but monthly. So OOTM?? πŸ€”… (Outfits of the month).

Hope you like it tho 😊




This was officially my first pic of 2017 with my little friend from church Chu Chu 😁. The top is by H&M, the jeans are from MrP, the shoes are by Atmosphere (I think πŸ€”)



I took this pic in school during the harmattan season. For those that don’t know what that is, it’s like winter for us in my country except no snow and it’s extremely dry. Tbh, I didn’t take a shower that morning cause I thoughtΒ  I wouldn’t survive it, even with hot water (jk)




This was one of the littiest events of this year. Our annual departmental dinner. I can remember taking more than 200 photos. Can’t wait for next year’s dinner!!



I took this photo the week I got back home from school after the semester. Loving my cowboy boots! Yes, I’m with another one of my little friends (shoutout to him!!). Top by H&M, jeans by Oakridge and I have no idea where I got the boots. It was a hand-me-down fromΒ my mom



#hellomay #birthmonth #mayborn

So may is my favourite month obviously because it’s my birthday month!! Shoutout to all may born in the house! WOOT WOOT!!

So, I took this pic I the week I got back from school in May. I had to go back in April to do some exams so my summer holidays started officially in May. The top is by Oakridge (I think πŸ€”), but I got it from The jeans are by Oakridge and the shoes are Nike 😁😁 (I love me some Nikes)



So this is probably one of the funnest (is that a word?) OOTW posts I did this year just because I love the outfit and the pics came out really great. Plus I got a lot of cute compliments 😊.



Took this pic when I went for my brother’s high school grad early july this year. It was so nice to come back and see how everything had changed in the 3 years I’d left. I really had so much fun 😊



This is another one of my absolute favourites. Love love love loooveeee this outfit so much! Plus the hair and the shoes. OMG love everything about it. And hey, my brother’s in it too 😊!



So, sadly this was the back-to-school season and I took this pick in school with my chapel buddies (my friends that go to the same chapel in school as me)

#1stsemesterstruggles #church




Another one of my #goingtochurch pics. Didn’t showcase my Chapel buddies in this one cause they were tired of me, cause they say I take too much pics. Do IπŸ˜“β˜ΉοΈ?



Took this pic on my brother’s matriculation day.

Yasssss! Issa freshman.

So proud of you boo 😚



Last but certainly not the least

Drumroll please…..

My OOTW for this week!!!

Got me some new Nikes!!

Dress from Burlington (I think πŸ€”)




Thats all for today. Hope you like the post. Comment down below which one is your fav

Also don’t forget to follow me onΒ IGΒ (shameless plug 😜)


Keep on being the extraordinary, amazing and wonderful human beings you’ve been created to be 🌟 

I love you guys so so so much 😚





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