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Top 5 items on my Wishlist this year|| 2017 Blog Week

Hey guys!!

Day 3 of blog week is up and running and today I decided to share my 2017 Christmas wishlist.



1.  Cute white Sneakers! 

Was going through my shoes the other day and I realised that I don’t have a pair a white Nikes. 


Shookt, I know πŸ˜”. 

For me, Sneakers are like your feet’s best friends cause their super cool and comfyyyyy. 

Plus white Sneakers are everywhere right now and I absolutely cannott be left behind on the trend😜 


2. Fenty by Rihanna makeup

I’ve actually never been one to obsess about a particular makeup line, probably because I don’t wear makeup that often, and by that often I mean like 98.99% of the time. But girrrrrl (*smacks lips), I am in looooove with this one!! like fr!! Tbh, I haven’t tried it yet but the marketing is sooo good!! I mean look at this pic right here ⬇ and tell me you don’t immediately feel like running to the store to get your hands on some! 


Can’t say nothing except LAWDDDDD,  I NEED ME SOME FENTY!! 




3. Coach Tote Bag

Last Christmas, my mom got a pink coach bag for Christmas so nowww, I gotta get me some coach. They’re super stylish plus and such good quality!!


4. Macbook Air

I’ve been wishing for this for such a long time!!

Right now I use a HP laptop that runs on Windows10. Not that there’s anything wrong with Hp (just had to get that out there), BUT I just want to try something new. Windows OS is just too popular in my country. I honestly feel like just 1 in a 100 people use mac. 

Doing the same thing for so long is kinda boring don’t you think???  

So voila, number 4 on my wishlist : a new macbook air. 


5. An all expense paid trip 😜

Yh, I know. A girl can dream 😁. But seriously, it would be nice to travel abroad for the holidays. I don’t mind the destination, just anywhere outside the confines of my house 😜.


Thats all folks!  (cue bugs bunny voice)


Hope you enjoyed the post. Comment down below your no 1 wishlist item!

I’ll see you in my next post and don’t forget :

Keep on being the extraordinary, amazing and wonderful human beings you’ve been created to be 🌟 

I love you guys so so so much 😚




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