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My absolute favourite things about the Holidays🎄 || Blog Week 2017

Hello peeps 😎

It’s #BlogWeek day 4!!

Honestly can believe the week is almost over. More importantly, can’t believe I’m actually blogging EVERY  SINGLE DAY ! I really didn’t think I could pull through but it’s happening and it’s going really well.

Before I forget, thank you so much to every one for the lovely comments I’ve been getting so far. You guys are the best 😚

Okay, today I’m going to share my top 5 favourite things about the holidays #christmas

Hope you like the post 😊


1. It’s a holiday!!

The number one thing I love about Christmas season is the fact that it’s a universal holiday meaning no school, no work, and A WHOLE LOT OF FREE TIME!!

(Except if you’re like me and have a ton of homework 😒)


2. Christmas-themed movies

From the Home Alone series, to Elf or any of the cheesy but loveable Hallmark Christmas movies, Christmas certainly is never complete without sitting with the family to enjoy some ‘wholesome entertainment’ (God, I sound like an old TV narrator 😁😣)


3. Christmas carols

I love listening to carols because there one of the best ways to put you in a festive mood. My best carols are:

  • Carol of the bells
  • O Holy night
  • Mary did you know


4. Parties and Outings

Holidays are definitely not also complete without outings, get- togethers, parties and other fun stuff.  I dunno but is it just me that feels compelled to do do so specifically during holiday season?
5. Shopping!

Last but definitely not the least, HOLIDAY SHOPPING. Ever since I was little, I always anticipated Christmas time cause of the clothes I would buy and wear to church 😁. My dad would always give us money (me and my brothers) to buy 3 sets of outfits – one for Xmas, one for Sunday and one for the new year. We also did it during Easter season but Christmas was a lot more fun. Now it’s kind of a tradition 😆



Thats all for today! Hope you enjoyed the post. Let me know what your favourite thing about Christmas season is down in the comments section.

I’ll see you guys tomorrow

Keep on being the extraordinary, amazing and wonderful human beings you’ve been created to be 🌟 

I love you guys so so so much 😚

   Xoaste money on  




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