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My ‘back-from-school’  Routine || 2017 Blog Week 

Hello hello hello!!! 📢

Welcome to Blog Week day 5


So I know the banner for this post says holiday routine, but it’s actually supposed to be kind of a typical back-from-school routine. I was originally planning on doing a holiday time routine but I realised last minute that I don’t have one cause I do different things every year and sadly, I don’t have super exciting stuff to share.  I forgot to change the banner (aka too lazy) but it’s still okay, right 🙃. 

Enough with the long excuses.  Here is my holiday routine, aka, stuff I typically do when I get back from school for the semester.


1. Gist (talk) 

So this is quite obvious. 

I’m usually gone for 3 to 4 months and when I get back home, I need to be filled in on all the hot gist going on at home. I typically spend the whole time gisting in the car with my mom on the way back home and continue for about 2 hours (I know, I’m a serious talkative). 

This time however, my gist partner was my younger brother. We spent the whole hour-long ride back home talking about movies and random stuff. It was honestly the best. 

(sorry mom 😌)


2. Activate my internet subscription 

One of the best feelings ever having decent cell signal on my phone after being starved of it for months. 

Back in school, I hardly have 2G network running on my phone, but immediately we cross the sign that says ‘WELCOME TO LAGOS’, BOOM! my phone finally comes alive!!! I immediately activate my Internet subscription and dive into the joy that is ‘social media’ 💃. 


3. Sleep

After gisting with my mom and aunt for a while and checking messages, the only logical thing is to crash. I’d be soo tired cause I probably would’ve slept late the night before packing and cleaning and other stuff, so at this point, I’m soooo drained. I’d sleep for like 10 hours+, no kidding. 

Sleep is one of the things I do best. One time, I almost slept for a whole day (don’t ask why🙃) 


4. Organise

The next thing I typically do is clean up. I actually don’t do this immediately, like immediately I wake up from my marathon sleep. Sometimes I wait till a week or so before I tidy up my room and all (procrastination issues people!) 

I also don’t unpack all my stuff cause I’m only home for like 3 weeks tops for Christmas season, and also cause it’s super stressful.


5. Movies

The next thing I do is catch up on movies. A LOT OF ‘EM, after which I re-enact some of the mad ass action packed scenes with my younger brother (FYI, I’m always the hybrid version of wonder woman and superman, and I always win, ha! 😋) 


6. Other random stuff


  • Make my hair
  • Do laundry 
  • Go to the cinemas 
  • Go shopping 
  • Go out with friends 
  • Go out for dinner
  • ………..the list is endless but really familiar 




Hope you enjoyed the post. Do tell in the comment section what movie you’re anticipating next year. 

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to 

Keep on being the extraordinary, amazing and wonderful human beings you’ve been created to be 🌟 

I love you guys so so so much 😚




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