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Christmas Outing + Last Week’s OOTW 

Hey guys!! How are you today?

Hope you had a fun Christmas celebration yesterday.

I actually didn’t know what to post I  the blog today so I decided to share one of my OOTD’s from last week as well as tell you guys how I spent my Christmas 😊.


Yesterday I went to church around 9am and got back around 12pm. Later on, I took some pictures with my family and went to have lunch. At night, we went out to eat dinner together.

We went to Spurs family restaurant which is this new restaurant not to far away from where I live. I had rice with beef steak and chicken (best day EVERRRR)!!

Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures cause the lighting in there was soooo bad! 😔 Plus later on my mom took my phone away from me cause she felt I was too engrossed with it (or whatever). But I still had a great time, with amazing food! 

Afterwards we went to get ice-cream from cold stone creamery, and I got the cotton candy flavour ❤️🍦.

So yeah that’s it for what I did on Christmas day. I didn’t receive any presents yesterday (like individually)  but my parents did receive a lot of gifts for the family, so I guess we can say collectively, I did receive presents.


Here is my OOTW for last week that I forgot to post cause I was so busy with blog week 😊



Here’s what I have on

Hooded stripped dress by Christian Siriano

Sneakers by Nike

Pretty simple!


And also, here’s the Christmas card  made for you guys!!


What do you think?? I’ve actually been working on my design skills recently. I also downloaded a few apps that make content creating and designing a lot easier and faster. I’ll probably share them with you guys soon 😊


Oookay! That is officially all for today. Thank you so much for visiting!

You can check out more pictures of myself flying and doing all kinds of goofy stuff on my insta and facebook page (fb username: Jessica Zebulun)  😊😊

I’ll see you tomorrow. BTW, don’t forget to

Keep on being the extraordinary, amazing and wonderful human beings you’ve been created to be 🌟 

I love you guys so so so much 😚





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