Goals for the New Year (Fail) 

Hello beautiful people!

How’ve you all been? Hope you’re having a wonderful week and year so far.

So I’m guessing that you’ve read through title of this post and you’re probably wondering whether I’ve been living under a rock or something for the past 26 days.

Yh, I know. It’s kind of late to be setting goals FOR the New year when already we’re 26 days into the new year. But what the heck, better late than never am I right?

Tbh, I thought about doing a new year’s resolution post along with everyone else when the new year hype was still on, but then I realised that I’d be doing what everyone was doing. I’d probably do the same old thing and not fulfil it like always. So I figured, what’s the point. Instead, I decided to set goals that aren’t you know, cliché n all. Set stuff that has meaning and value.

For real this time.


Early this year, I watched a Tedx video that really changed my perspective on things. It made me realise that there are so many opportunities I’d missed while in college and now before long, I’d be out into the real world. It’s kind of scary but it’s a reality.

Truth is, I want to be successful, along with probably half the population. Yes. I do. But I also want to be happy and successful. I want to have time to do what I love. I want to travel the world and see places, meet people, expand my blog, probably start a YouTube channel, I dunno. (I know, I’m a handful).

But seriously, this year got me thinking on my life goals. Not just my yearly or biannual or monthly goals but stuff I want to do in my life. Really imagining how my dream life would be. How to get to that dream. Setting timelines and deciding to achieve certain things within those time lines.

Recently, I’ve gotten really good with planning and organising. My closet, my room, my daily routine (although it still needs some work), but I love when things are organised. It makes life easier. There’s also this self joy and satisfaction when things are in place and there’s ease. I honestly can’t explain it.

So yh, it got me thinking, why not plan and organise my life. Figure out what I love doing, for real. Where I want to go. What I want to do and stuff. And then work towards it.

All my life I think I’ve just been going with the flow. Obviously after grade school is middle school then high school and college. I’ve been moving yes but not moved. Until recently. When I had like an epiphany, sort of, (not really), but I kind of started to realise that I want to do more than just exist. I want to have a fulfilled life.

So yeah, this year, no new year resolutions. Just one goal. A mandate of self discovery and life planning. I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but I will. Pretty soon😊





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