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My top 5 food cravings of the month 🍽️| January Favs

Few hours to a new month guysssssssssss!!! So let’s have some favourites, shall we?

Here are my favourite foods for the month of January


5. Chinese

Ever since last semester when I visited the ‘not so Chinese but I guess it’s good enough’ Chinese restaurant in school, my life has never remained the same again. Literally!

I honestly used to think that there was nothing that could be as filling as cafeteria food but BRUHHHHHH, issa lieeeee.

Chinese is bae.

Chinese is baeeeeeee.

Fam, since that day, I’ve been wanting me some Chinese rice and sauce EVERY SINGLE DAY.

But you know, a girl’s got to be rational. Chinese ain’t goin’ pay dem bills 😁.


Okay so I guess once or twice a month’s okay 👌


4. Shawarma

Number 4 just HAS to be the glory and wonder that is SHAWARMA BABYYYY.

Lord have mercy, last semester, shawarma was like my comfort food. Times when I couldn’t go to the cafeteria cause the line was too long, shawarma was there.

When I couldn’t go to the cafeteria cause I was too tired after class, shawarma was there.

Or even when I went to the cafeteria but my food digested too early, and ain’t nobody going to bed on an empty stomach, what happened……


So yes, shawarma, chop knuckle. You have really saved lives of hungry ass college students everywhere. I salute you 😁😁


3. Chocolate drinks

If you know me quite well, you know that I have some what of an obsession with all things chocolate related, more specifically, cold choco drinks.

In freshman year of college, I used to buy the biggest size of this drink called Ena chocolate milk (I think 1 litre) and I would finish it within 15 to 20 minutes with cookies or whatever I had on the side.

Guysssss, when you’re having a bad day, chocolate is the way forward. Chilled one!! You will thank me later 😁😁


2. Frosties

One of many things I thank my parents for is introducing my siblings and I to all things Kelloggs. I’m talking Cereals. 

As a child it was a huge part of growing up. Aaaand yes, it’s still a huge part of my life. 

I kind of go back and forth in terms of my best cereal, but I guess I currently have my foot down on Frosties. 

I mean, what’s not to love! Crunchy and OMG so sweet. God knows, I could eat it 3 times a day. 

This semester I got the biggest size and it literally finished within one week leaving me really sad cause it’s not available in the supermarket for now. 😢 


1. Bread and Mayo

Finally and probably the weirdest but most frequent and serious craving I’ve had this month is BREAD AND MAYO. 

Yes, it’s exactly what you’re thinking. I prefer to use Mayo as spread for bread instead of butter or peanut butter. 

Why you ask? 

I have really oily skin. A bit sensitive also. So what I eat can make me break out. Butter and peanut butter makes me breakout almost immediately. So I looked for a better alternative and I found out Mayo does the trick. 

And can I just say, yummmmmmm. 

Sometimes I’ll be in class and I’m thinking, ‘do I have bread for breakfast tomorrow?’ And then I immediately make a mind note to buy some bread. Or I’d literally be done eating supper or lunch but I still really want me some bread and Mayo! 

The other day I was eating bread with Moi Moi which is this bean cake of a sort (I put the Moi Moi in between the bread and make a sandwich). But I still felt like something was missing. Sure enough, I added some Mayo and damnnnnnnnnn, that was the BEST BREAKFAST I’VE HAD IN A WHILE. 

So yh, in conclusion, life is better with Mayo 😁😁.



What’s your biggest food craving of the month? Share in the comments. Let’s talk! ❤ ❤ 


Until next time 



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