Perfect Love ❤️

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves torment. But he who fears has not been made perfect in love. 
We love Him because He first loved us.


1 John 4:18-19. Perfect love casts out all fear. Such a powerful statement! 

Understand that Love itself is not a feeling, or a silly emotion, or an element. It is beyond what we know. What we can imagine. What we can understand. 

Love is an entity. 

The Word of God says that God is love. 

He IS love. 

He is love personified

Since He is love, He shows us the character of perfect love. 

Patience and kindness. Not being envious, nor boastful. Not proud, not rude, not self seeking, not easily angered. Always hoping, always trusting, always persevering. 

Never ending

The Bible also puts it this way: God demonstrated his love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. Now that, is perfect love. 

God loved us in our sorry state. He loved us even when we didn’t love him back. He loved us even when we never deserved it. 

True love, perfect love is unconditional. Doesn’t care about circumstance. It breaks rules. The measure of love God has for us is indescribable. To come down himself to redeem us when we ourselves didn’t want him to. 

We didn’t ask for help. Yet even before the foundations of the world were set, He had a plan of redemption. He knew we could mess up. He didn’t force us not to. But He already had a back up plan. He loved us so much (and still does) that loosing us wasn’t an option. 

Christ came for me. For you. For us. He came so that we won’t be afraid anymore. So that we can stand boldly, without fear or doubt. He came to restore our joy. One that no-one can ever take from us again. He came to make us new. To give us life-everlasting, fulfilling, beautiful. 

Tbh, this post kind of started as a random rant. Now transformed to a message. 

I guess this message is for those that aren’t feeling so love worthy today. Thinking about whether or not that special someone really cares about you. Exhausted with chasing petty stuff. 


Child, you are worth so much more than that. If you can just catch a tiny glimpse, a little revelation of how much God loves you, you will never remain the same again. 

Because YOU are worth dieing for. 

Keep that in mind. 






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