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Favs from the month of April

Hey guys. So here’s what I noticed. 

I don’t like long intros and I’m sure the majority of you also don’t. So I’ll cut right to the case.

In today’s post, I share my favourites from last month


Chrome canary

I recently downloaded this browser called Google canary on my phone. It was probably during the last few days of April but I absolutely loved it and I couldn’t help but share.

At first I was kind of sceptical because it says that the browser is unstable and I had no idea what that meant but all the reviews I read were just so positive. I downloaded it, used it for the first time and can I just say that that was probably one of the best decisions I made last month. If you think Firefox or UC Browser is fast, then this is supersonicly, mind-blowingly FAST. I’m always amazed at how fast it is. Honestly. More so because we have terrible reception at my school (I’ve mentioned this a couple of times) and sometimes I’m trying to get something done like homework, studying, or just surfing the Web and I can’t to do that. I usually have to wait until midnight when everyone in the dorm is asleep, except the night owls of course, before I can stand any chance of getting cell service. And even at that, sometimes I don’t. But guys, this app CHANGED MY LIFE!!!! Okay I’m being a bit overly dramatic. But seriously, I’m shookt at how fast it is no matter how the cell service is. Its just… I dunno… It’s amazing. I’m shookt. You guys should try it out. Period.

I’m done talking

Okay not entirely done. Onto the next item!



About 2 weeks ago, I recently discovered my love for jollof macaroni. 

The first time I tried macaroni was back in pre school and I absolutely hated it. I somehow remember the incident so well. My mom packed it as lunch for me but I didn’t eat it because after taking a small taste I immediately hated it. Like I was grossed out. From then on, I’ve never tasted it again. Or maybe I have but can’t remember. All I know is 2 weeks ago, I went to buy some food and they didn’t have what I wanted. I was so hungry that I just accepted whatever they had, which was macaroni. And now guess what? You already know! Also one of the best decisions I made last month. I’m in love with it 😊😊.  


Nabati wafers

First of all, S/o to Yinka at yinkablack.wordpress.com for introducing me to my new found addiction that is wafers. Here’s the compact version of the story.

Mid April I went shopping for biscuits and I bought a dozen of a particular brand that I can’t quite remember it’s name. It’s like a milky biscuit that’s shaped like sticks. I got that and before long I started to break out. Like crazyyyy. One day I’m eating the biscuits and I discover that there’s so much oil or grease or whatever it was on my hands and the wrapper. I figure that’s what’s been causing me to break out and I go shopping again for another set of new biscuits that’s not going to make me break out. (I have super sensitive skin and I can’t eat oily or greasy foods without breaking out). I remember that my friend (Yinka) gave me this particular biscuit one day and it tasted okay back then, so I get a dozen of them. Not only did I not break out again but it tasted so good. I finished everything in probably less than 5 days. Unfortunately, the store doesn’t have them right now, but when they do, I’ll be sure to pounce 😁😁


Sonya aloe purifying cleanser

April was probably the worst month so far for my skin. Like, I had multiple breakouts. Unfortunately, I was just so nonchalant and didn’t want to do anything about it at first but then I realised that you only got one face. One pretty face to protect and if that don’t mean anything to you, I dunno what will. I’ve always been so lazy to do skincare. I’m reluctant most times to even shower at night, not to talk of a whole skincare routine. I could never keep that up. But deep inside, I feel like if I wasn’t so lazy, I’d have better skin. 

Okay, I digressed a bit. So, I was breaking out and decided to pop out my cleanser. Ive had this particular one for a long time but I just never use it that much because I’m lazy and I have nothing to motivate me to do so. Except when I start having dem breakouts. But this time, I actually realized how good the product is. I used it for a couple of days and my face cleared up. It was really surprising. Not only that, it felt so soft. It worked so well for me that I decided to share it. It’s all natural, made out of aloe Vera which is THE MIRACLE PLANT as we all know. Probably the most versatile plant in existence.

So yh, I cleared my breakouts. FYI, I got the whole set of Sonya skincare products back then but now I use just 3 which are my staples. The aloe purifying cleanser, the aloe refreshing toner and the serum. Absolute holy grail products that I should use everyday but dont cause I’m lazy but they straight up ALWAYS save my lazy ass when I’m having breakouts 💯


So, I feel like I’m the only one that’s left out on the top TV series binge watching event. There are so many seasonals out there that I can’t even keep count anymore. So far I’ve watched Riverdale season 1, the Flash up till season 3 and Jane the virgin up till season 3. But I’m still wayyyy behind everyone in the universe in terms of the reigning seasonals. So I decided to change that.

Starting this summer, I’m going to update myself. I started with the emmy award winning, fantasticly suspenseful How to Get Away with Murder.

3 words.

Best Series Ever.

Honestly. I actually considered changing my profession to law at some point 😁. The cast is amazing, the plot is amazing, everything is just so impossibly good. I’m so impressed and I can’t wait to get to the end of everything. Kudos to the directors and writers. You guys blew my kind so many times, I cant keep count anymore 😆.


Black panther

I realised that I’m probably going the be the only person in the universe that hadn’t watched this movie yet, but I don’t care. GUYSSSSSS, I finally watched the most anticipated movie of 2018, after infinity war of course, and it was AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!! ❤

I was sceptical about watching it because most of my friends already told me that the movie isn’t that good. They were all like- ‘It’s just the hype. It’s not as good as they’re making it out to be’. But brothers and sisters, do not, I repeat, do not let any one make you believe something except you see it with your own two eyeballs. The annoying thing about this year is that every criticism from my friends against a movie always turned out false when I actually watched the movie.

Take for example, The greatest showman. I loved that movie. Absolutely loved it. But my friends didn’t and they made me lower my expectations. Same thing for justice league, wonder woman transformers, and Sing (I literally had goosebumps while watching Sing. It was that amazing for me).

So yh. I just can’t deal anymore. I’ve concluded that we all have different tastes in art and movies and I’m not going to base my final judgement of a movie based off of person’s opinion of that movie. Imma watch it myself and see if I like it. And I LOVED BLACK PANTHER. Ain’t nothing you can do or say that’ll change that. #wakandaforever ✌




Congrats for getting this far! Those who read it all, thank you! And to those who skimmed or scanned through, thanks as well. You’re all amazing, everyone of you. Thank you all for stopping by today, taking a few seconds to visit my space on the Internet!

PS, Comment down below what your own favourites for the month of April were and if you’ve watched or are planning to watch the new blockbuster, Avengers Infinity War.

Have a lovely weekend and I’ll see you in my next post 😉





2 thoughts on “Favs from the month of April

  1. My husband is absolutely obsessed with wafers, but he’s always stuck with one brand. Also I completely get it about friends criticising movies. They’ll always find something wrong about it, but I absolutely love the Greatest Showman!
    Tori  |  JustTheBeginning-x.com
    Latest blog post: My favourite Disney Films & Free Quotes for Instagram 💕

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