What’s in my purse?! 2018

Hello beautiful people of Internet land! Hear ye hear ye. I will now announce the items that belongeth in each section of my backpack. Please enjoy πŸ˜€

I would first like to point out that this is an HONEST what’s in my bag post. I’m literally bringing these items out of my bag, okay technically my backpack, but still, my bag and showing them to you. okay let’s begin!



My purse/bag/backpack is a dark blue leather (I’m guessing faux leather) bag by Tommy Hilfiger. It’s very petite and super cute. It has this fringe at the front which I like to play with when I’m bored :D. Then at the back, it has a small zipper and it has a flap that opens up to reveal 2 other pockets. One small and one large. Finally, it has another tiny zipper within the large front pocket.

 Here’s a pic I found online so you can get a closer look. But this is in black. Mine’s a dark blue shade.

click here for more details
  • Sweater-The first thing I have in my purse is my sweaterrr!!! Its been raining a lot these days so it’s only normal that I carry a sweater or some kind of warm clothing item that makes me not feel like freezing to death. Plus the office is super chilly with ACs at every nook and cranny. The jacket I’m using right now is a purple one by this brand called Insync. I got it from the Mrp store a few years ago. It’s extremely comfortable and it fits in my bag quite nicely πŸ˜€ .
  • Hair brush– cause it’s a must-have. My hair is always in a mess no matter how well i make it at home. The breeze always finds a way to restyle it. When i get to where i’m going, I brush it again, to tame those curls πŸ˜€ . FYI, I’m currently wearing a weave by @zazihair. I mentioned them in my college formal post here so you can check that post out for the weave I’m using right now πŸ™‚ . Zazi sells really affordable and high quality weaves which I’d recommend to anyone, anytime.
  • Powder– Now this isn’t your regular makeup powder. Its white powder by this brand called Enchanteur. I’ve been using it since i was little and I prefer it sometimes to finishing powder cause it doesn’t make me oily and its super convenient to use.


  • Essentials bag with the ‘essentials”– stuff like perfume, tissue paper, liners and pads
  • A total of 5 pens– That’s an interesting number of pens to have πŸ˜€ . FYI, I had more but i’ve been giving them away like Santa Claus
  • Makeup– Here i just have 4 items. My Sonya Delicate Finishing Powder, FLP Aloe lipbalm, Classic Makeup nude lippy and a kabuki brush.
    Click here to shop the Flawless by Sonya line
  • Wallet– Of couse I cannot leave the house without my wallet which has important wallety stuff :D. The one I’m using right now is by Adrienne Vittadini (i know, fancy ehhh? πŸ˜€ ). It’s just a plain black wristlet with 2 zippers. 
  • Other random stuff– like my phone charger, earrings (cause I usually forget to put them on at home so I just put them in my bag so I can wear them even if i forget), earphones, mints.
Click here to shop
  • And then the star object, MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D. jk. But seriously, I dont think any whats in my bag is complete without a phone. I actually didn’t pull my phone out of the bag just now cause i’m currently using it but you get my point 😐

AAAAAANNNDDDDD that’s all folks!! Comment down below items you can’t do without on a daily basis, that just HAVE to be in your backpack or purse. I’ll see you soon πŸ™‚

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. #notsponsoredpleasesponsor πŸ˜€





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