Summer Outfits | OOTW


Today I’m going to be doing a kind of camera roll dump on here (teehee!). I have a ton of photos on my phone and for some reason, I haven’t posted them on social media. Mostly because I’m not so active anymore. I barely use Facebook and Twitter. I would say I use just IG but you know IG bants, too much pressure to post perfectly curated content and perfectly edited photos. Not that I actually edit photos but I don’t think my IG audience would appreciate my fun and spontaneous looking type of photos. I post mostly on IG stories (90% of which consists of memes cause memes=life). So, yh, I’ve decided to post the photos that dont make it to the gram here! (My blog fam are the best fam, but don’t tell my IG fam 🤫)

So yes! Here are some of the outfits I wore this summer. Actually, I was informed that summer was cancelled this year cause *cough, Rona* but I still had some times I went out. Dont fret, I took all the safety precautions with a mask and hand sanitizer.

My top favourite outfits

Here’s my mom. She’s a cutey too💙

Here’s my little bro 😁

All my outfits were from Burlington. I do most of my shopping there cause they have really cute stuff, top brands but at a quite affordable price. Some other items are thrifted.

Alright! Thanks for viewing. Hope you have an amazing morning, afternoon or night. Stay safe!



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