10 Apps You Need to Survive College | Back to School 2018

Hello my beautiful best friends. I’m back with another back to school related post. 

I did mention in my last post here that I was going to be doing like a series (sort of) to help you guys to make the best of your time in school and maybe even thrive! We started off with freshman advice and today we’re going to be looking at 10 holy grail apps to help you in school. 



1. Office Suites: I feel like this is in itself self explanatory. If you’re going into college without any word processing apps or tools and how to use them, then you’re probably still living in a dream world. Microsoft Office has always been my go to probably since grade school. I use it for assignments, presentations, analysis, you name it! I also have an office suite app on my phone which has literally SAVED MY LIFE countless number of times. (OK, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic but you get the point). You can also opt for other apps like WPS Office, Polaris Office, etc. 

2. Pdf readers: this is kind of the younger sibling of an office suite software. In college or school generally, you’re going to have a lot of notes sent to you and you’re going to have to read them some way or the other. I like to print out my notes most times but sometimes I read straight from my phone which is not always convenient but necessary. A pdf reader app like Adobe’s is going to be one of your bestest resources while you’re in school, trust me. 

Quick tip: one thing I like to do is after I’m done typing a paper, I convert it to pdf before printing it. I actually didn’t have a printer while I was in school so I had to go the a cafe to print all the time and most times, when I copy my word document onto another person’s computer, it would always ‘scatter’ or not be as perfect as it was on my laptop. Expecially if that person doesn’t have the font I used on my computer, the font would change and it’s just overall frustrating. Converting it to pdf form, makes everything stay in place and helps make last minute printing and submissions way faster.

3. Mini browsers: when I was in college, we had assignments almost every week and browsing was not very pleasant. The network over there was literally the worst EVER especially in the day time. So regular browsers just wouldn’t work as fast as you’d want and it can be super frustrating. Getting some kind of mini browser that doesn’t use so much data is your best bet at maintaining your sanity, fr. I used UC browser a lot but I recently discovered Google Canary which works really well too.

4. Data conservating apps: still on the network and data issue, one app you can use to conserve data is the Datally app.  Data in my country is not so cheap so you might need to find a way to make sure the few GBs you have lasts long enough. Because of the way smartphones are tailored, they tend to allow apps to run in the background even though those apps haven’t been opened. So these backgrounds apps, constantly use data and before you know it, your spending more than your feeding allowance on Internet payments. 

The Datally app helps block those background apps from using any data without you knowing and it keeps track of how much data each app you’ve actually opened is using. Pretty nerdy stuff but I hope you get the gist. 

5. Apps to keep you focused: okay, so when I was in college, I went through the phase of being super addicted to my phone. I found out that the time I spent on my phone per day was not ideal if I actually wanted to get things done. Even when I would study, any notification on my phone might make me wander off into 30minutes-2hrs on my phone. When I noticed it was becoming a problem, I decide to download some apps to keep me focused.

Forest and App block are brilliant apps for students. App block helps restrict your access to certain apps at certain times of the day. So if you see yourself constantly going on social media when you should be doing something else, this will definitely help you. Forest on the other hand helps you stay focused on a task for the certain amount of time you put in. So once you’ve set a timer of let’s say 1 hour, you can’t leave that app for that amount of time. As the timer keeps counting, a tree is growing in your sort of virtual forest and if you leave the app, your tree dies, which is really sad. So yeah, there are is a tendency for you to be distracted in your but you need to consciously pull yourself together and these apps are perfect for that. You can consider other apps but these are the ones that have worked for me.

5. Organisation apps: being organised as an adolescent has been sort of a struggle for me and I’m sure many of you also. I wasn’t an organised person back in high school so I always had all my books in my bag regardless of the classes I had, I never prepped for school, always never made my hair, forgot assignments and due dates, etcetera. I got into college with that same mindset and it was an mess to say the least. I figured I couldn’t continue like that and I decided to find solutions. 2 main apps that have made things easier for me especially in college are Google Keep and Time tune

I used Google keep app to write to dos, reminders and notes and I would paste those notes on my home screen so that I’m constantly reminded of them when I pick up my phone. Time tune on the other hand I used to plan my entire day. So I had reminders that would pop up everyday when I needed to study or go to class or do homework, etc. Other apps I used were Anydo, student agenda, sticknotes and wunderlist.

6. Podcast apps: another struggle while in school is being productive with the free time that you have or making the most of it. When I was in sophomore year, I had probably 25 games on my phone and trust me, I played ALL OF THEM. I later discovered that playing games when I’m less busy isn’t really a good idea and that there were other ways to fill in that time and still feel relaxed. 

Podcast apps are certainly something to think about using in school. I became so obsessed with podcasts at a point and I really found out that you can be literally doing nothing and still be productive. You just need to listen, that’s all. So yh, I downloaded a bunch of audio Christian postcasts and I’d listen to them when I have nothing to do. It really helped me through not so great times when I would feel sad or depressed and it generally built my faith up to the level it is at today. And even though I still did play games, I decided to go for games that don’t require continuous game play like the case of subway surfers, temple run. Now I have just one game on my phone and it’s kind of like a storybook/novel game where episodes are released once a week so I’m not constantly playing it. 

7. Design/creativity apps: I know some of you are wondering why would I need design apps on my phone. Let me explain. Even though your major isn’t art related, you still have to have some idea on how to design and make designs. It could be for a group assignment or paper you never know. I majored in a business related course and I cannot tell you the number of times I had to design mock business logos for class presentations and papers. Have I got an extra non academic skill like design or desktop publishing will come in handy no matter what you’re majoring in. I use either Canva or Desygner

8.  Miscellaneous: here’s a list of other apps that aren’t really worth mentioning because they’re common knowledge but I’m still going to mention them

  • Email app
  • Cloud (Google, Microsoft, Apple)
  • Youtube: because not all things are learnt in the classroom. You can find lessons, DIYs and college advice on YouTube.
  • Google (quite obvious)
  • Dictionary app
  • Xender (to share or recieve files)
  • Maps (so you don’t get lost?)

Okay I’m done 😁. 

(all photos were gotten from Google search) 

Hope you enjoyed this post. Comment down below any other apps you feel are essential or were essential for you back in college or even high-school. Stay positive and I will see you guys in my next post. Bye πŸ‘‹ 






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