I’m taking a gap year!

Hello lovelies! It’s been quite a while since I sat down to write any content. I’ve been uber busy with some stuff, some personal, others not so personal. I wrote an exam, visited friends and I’m currently taking a gap year after college. For those of you that are a bit confused by my previousContinue reading “I’m taking a gap year!”

Dorm room + closet organisation hacks

Dorm life can be hectic especially if you’re in your final year of college. Most times you’re busy with projects and papers and probably have very little time for yourself, talk less of your room. When I was in freshman and sophomore year, I struggled so hard to keep my room and closet organised forContinue reading “Dorm room + closet organisation hacks”

How To Pack For College + Free Packing Checklist | Back to School 2018

Packing in general can be very stressful expecially if you’re someone who hates the whole idea of meticulously putting things in boxes and suitcases. However, to help you get through all of that and ensure that you have everything you need, I decided to make this post. Here are 4 packing tips and advice forContinue reading “How To Pack For College + Free Packing Checklist | Back to School 2018”

10 Apps You Need to Survive College | Back to School 2018

Hello my beautiful best friends. I’m back with another back to school related post.  I did mention in my last post here that I was going to be doing like a series (sort of) to help you guys to make the best of your time in school and maybe even thrive! We started off with freshman advice and todayContinue reading “10 Apps You Need to Survive College | Back to School 2018”

College Freshman Advice | Back to School 2018

Hey guys!  I’m not even going to go try and explain why I’ve been so inconsistent at blogging because I have a lot going on right now and how I’m gonna sorta kinda work on being more consistent. Aaaaaand I just said it. Ugh! Anyways! Welcome to my blog or welcome back to my blogContinue reading “College Freshman Advice | Back to School 2018”

I graduated College! || Class of 2018

Hello my beautiful best friends! It’s me, yupp, in the flesh (or virtual flesh) :p It has been so long since I blogged and I’m so sorry for that. I’m not going to bore you on how incredibly busy I’ve been this past month and a half but I will tell you that I amContinue reading “I graduated College! || Class of 2018”

Lost in Lagos || Week in my life

Hey boos! How’s your day going? TGIF am I right? 😀 This is another week in my life post where I basically tell you guys how my week went and stuff I did. I know I’ve kind of been leaving you guys in the dark a lot on whats been going on with me butContinue reading “Lost in Lagos || Week in my life”

Hassles and Bugs 🐜  || Week in my life

A beautiful morning, afternoon or night to y’all!! Welcome back to my blog, or welcome to my blog if you’re new! My name is Jessica, I’m 18 and I make beauty, lifestyle and inspirational posts right here every week- or at least I’d like to think everyweek 🙃. I hope you’re having a better weekContinue reading “Hassles and Bugs 🐜  || Week in my life”

OOTW || College Formal

Hello hello hello!!!!! I’m back at you with another OOTW post (confetti spray!!!) So in case you guys didn’t know, I’d like to think that last month, March was probably the most exciting month of the year so far for me. There were a lot of activities and events that I got to enjoy, myContinue reading “OOTW || College Formal”