Dorm room + closet organisation hacks

Dorm life can be hectic especially if you’re in your final year of college. Most times you’re busy with projects and papers and probably have very little time for yourself, talk less of your room. When I was in freshman and sophomore year, I struggled so hard to keep my room and closet organised forContinue reading “Dorm room + closet organisation hacks”

Hassles and Bugs 🐜  || Week in my life

A beautiful morning, afternoon or night to y’all!! Welcome back to my blog, or welcome to my blog if you’re new! My name is Jessica, I’m 18 and I make beauty, lifestyle and inspirational posts right here every week- or at least I’d like to think everyweek 🙃. I hope you’re having a better weekContinue reading “Hassles and Bugs 🐜  || Week in my life”