Conversations from 2020

Last year I decided to make my writing and my blog posts more personal and try to be more vulnerable. The question right now is how and where to start. Inconsistency and procrastination are two things I struggle with. I have a million things in my head, but I never get to the doing. Hopefully I grow out of it this year.

Anyway, ‘what’s today’s rant about?’ you may ask. I wanted to put up some content here on jessnextdoor but I didn’t have anything saved in my drafts. So, I opened up my phone and went through messages and conversations I’ve had with close friends and colleagues. I have some of the most supportive friends in the world (S/O to them) and their company has been a blessing most especially through the 2020 panoramic year.

It kind of got me thinking though. Should I share some of the convos we’ve had? Most convos I have are literally all over the place and about the most random stuff. Also, it would be a bit difficult to retrieve them because most are over the phone. I do have a few voice notes. So, I guess I could share some with y’all today. I found it them so funny and edifying for me atm.

Please ignore the background noise. And comment down below your own opinion on some of the topics.


Let’s be friends!

And this is the promise that he himself made to us: eternal life. 

1 John 2:25 CSB

2 thoughts on “Conversations from 2020

  1. You’re doing a great job

    Can’t wait to have my blog bit I’m too lazy for that

    But I’ll work on my poems. Starting with the umbrella and the broom

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