I’m literally about to go to bed and I remembered I resolved to put out one blog post a week. Last weekend, I had my birthday, so I think I can cut myself a little slack if I missed posting.

But wait. Y’allllllll, your baby girl is now 23 years old!!! It’s insane that I’ve actually lived 23 years on this earth. I think I’m in between still thinking I’m 19 about to be 20, probably because the first two years of my 20s was spent in pandemic mode, and I haven’t fully settled into the early twenties headspace.

Last year on my ig, I made this whole post about not feeling 22 because I didn’t look 22. And how I’m kind of now completely fine with having a baby face. Truth be told, the image I had in my mind when I was 16 of how I would be now at 23 is totallllyyyyy different. I thought I would be taller, more “voluptuous” and so confident. Ha, I laugh in Portuguese. How and why I had that assumption, I really need to deep and uncover, but na so we see am. I think it speaks a lot towards my insecurities at the time tho.

I guess I can say I am a bit more confident. I’m also more at ease. I see the world a lot differently now. I also feel more confident because I’ve met so many people my age, sometimes even older, that look way younger than me. And then, realizing that everyone is still a child on the inside. All na packaging.

Anyways, I really enjoyed my birthday this year. Went out, shopped at bit, watched a movie (which I didn’t like but that’s a topic for another day) and then responded to so many birthday wishes. It was the best I’ve had in a while and I’m so grateful. I also got a very cute photo journal from a good friend. Thank you to every single person who remembered, or didn’t remember but still wished me a happy birthday. I’m grateful for you 💙.

Oh, before I forget, here are some pics.

I think that’s it for today. I’m sleepy and I have a busy rest of the week ahead. I’ll catch you later. Stay safe and groovy ☺️


2 thoughts on “23

  1. Beautiful writeup….My favourite line is ‘everyone is still a child on the inside’. This is so true no matter how tough we package ourselves to be😅

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