Self Worth

Greetings!(seems like this intro is going to be a staple from now on). Today’s post is actually copied from a caption on one of my IG photos. I felt like sharing it on here also. Fyi, feel free to follow on IG (#shamelessplug). Anyways, here we go!

Self worth. Does it actually exist? Or is it mere ideology? Is there worth in self?

Sadly, self is worth absolutely nothing. In and of ourselves we are worth nothing. When we divest we from He (God), it equals zero. Fallen man is the farthest thing from worthy. Our thoughts, actions and intentions are plainly not good. Scripture puts it as ALL being sinners. Utterly helpless in sin. And it is nothing to feel prideful about.

In a way, I used to think that Christ died for us because we were too valuable to him. Kind of too good to be left in sin.

“I mean, how could he not save us? Have you seen me, a total spec.”

But I was missing the point of the entire gospel message. We are all willing to go the extra mile for people that we vibe with. We love to help good people or those that have good potential. But you see, God did the exact opposite. He died for absolutely wretched and worthless sinners.

The Bible describes sin as detestable to God, he cannot even look at it. Yet, while we were drenched in it, while we swam in it, even drowned in it, still, he saved us from it. We were soaked in that which irked him the most, and yet he gave his life to cleanse us from it. Not because we were worth anything, but because he loves us. He didnt need to, we didnt deserve it, we weren’t worth it, but he did it anyway. BECAUSE HE LOVES US. That love caused him to die for us, and gave us access to being the literal definition of specs- holy and blameless before a holy and blameless God.

The Gospel message is not a feel-good self worth, self love message. It’s anything but self centered. And honestly, it is terribly uncomfortable coming to terms with the fact that in isolation, I am nothing. I can never be worth anything on my own or even merit a single thing. I am zero, and anything I do by myself is zero. Zero plus zero is still zero. But, the love of God comes in, the unquantifiable, immeasurable, infinite love of God reappraises my worthless self and deems me priceless thought the shedding of priceless blood. And that love produced the gift of Grace. By the grace, or unmerited favour or mercy of God, I am saved.

Thanks so much for reading. I’ve recently been doing a lot of personal reflection and bible study. I’d most definitely putting out a post about it and about the relearning the Gospel. This year I have had to go back to the message of the Gospel and it has really transformed my heart and life. So, stay tuned for that!

Have an amazing week and please stay safe.


2 thoughts on “Self Worth

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    This is one of the most profound things I’ve read in a while. Me minus God equals worthless, and so, we need God to actually have any worth. The sooner we realise the, the better for us. We are nothing without God. Thank you Jessica for this insight, God bless.

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