Patient – four letters (4/4)

Dear God, I love you because you are patient. You are a patient father, bearing all things. That’s what love does, right? Endures and waits hopefully. I could say that it’s easy for you to be patient. You have all the time in the world (figuratively and literally). It also helps that you’re all knowing,Continue reading “Patient – four letters (4/4)”

Awesome – four letters (2/4)

Dear God, I love you because you are awesome. awe·some /ˈôsəm/ adjective, causing or inducing awe I could not find a better word. Or should I say, a better sounding word. But I think this fits perfectly: God, Most Awesome. When I read about you in scripture, or hear about you from people, I amContinue reading “Awesome – four letters (2/4)”

Self Worth | Inspiration Monday

Greetings!(seems like this intro is going to be a staple from now on). Today’s post is actually copied from a caption on one of my IG photos. I felt like sharing it on here also. Fyi, feel free to follow on IG (#shamelessplug). Anyways, here we go! Self worth. Does it actually exist? Or isContinue reading “Self Worth | Inspiration Monday”

Trivial | Inspiration Monday

Greetings! (I have no idea how to do intros anymore for blog posts so please bear with me) You will most definitely agree with me that this year has been a sort of rollercoaster year. So much has been put on hold and a lot of lives have been affected. But today’s post isn’t aboutContinue reading “Trivial | Inspiration Monday”

The best thing in my life | Inspiration Monday 

This is going to be a very short post but I hope you’re blessed.  Everyone has those days that are filled with so much fun, laugher and joy and you never ever want them to go away. But then you have those days that suck. When you want to crawl up in a hole andContinue reading “The best thing in my life | Inspiration Monday “