Four letters

I was cleaning and organizing my IG stories recently, and found a few notes from two years ago.

In twenty-twenty, I resolved to know God. The sudden realization that the “Lord” I had conjured up in my head, or fashioned in my mind was one that was not true. It was one that made me comfortable. One that I could coddle up to and tell how to behave and act. One that looked a lot like me and honestly, one that was no Lord at all. A misrepresentation, an idol.

So, in 2020, I set out to know the Lord. And by golly, the more I read about him in scripture, and learnt who he was, I realized that I was in love with Him.

This quote often comes to mind. The heart cannot love that which the mind does not know. The idea of love my generation has is one of a whirl wind romance. First sight and fast falling. But, the love that is displayed in scripture by the very source and author of Love is one that flows from the heart, mind, soul and strength. To know God, is to love God. I realized gradually that God needs no filters or no resume padding. He is most perfect in all his ways. And the more I knew him, the more I loved him. The more I beheld his glory and nature, the more I was changed from the inside out. My heart melted each and every day, and found deep satisfaction in this true and glorious King, the Lord Almighty. One who is infinitely wise, slow to anger, but abounding in faithful love. One who deserves all the glory and holds my life. I fell in love with Jesus. My Lord and Savior.

So, over the next few days, I will be sharing little letters I wrote down. They’re simple, but I cherish them deeply. And I hope it blesses you in one way or the other. The very essence of our being is to know Christ, and make him known. And I am grateful that God not only reveals himself in his creation, he also does so in scripture and he did so perfectly in Christ.

We will never fully comprehend him and his ways the same way he fully knows us, still he is indeed knowable. He has given us the capacity to understand his revealed nature. And one thing I know is that eternity, though timeless, is so because infinity is insufficient in knowing an infinite God.

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