Sometimes in life, we feel like we have so many questions but no answers. And believing in a benevolent all powerful external being that we cannot see, might not seem most sensible when what we can see is the exact opposite. Such was the case with a man called Job. Job was described as aContinue reading “Questions”

Relearning the Gospel (2)

Greetings!We’re back, better, Gucci or whatever! Jk ūüėč.Welcome or welcome back to my space on the internet! In case you’re wondering, this is a continuation of my last Inspiration Monday post so if you haven’t read that one, please do, cause there are no recaps (the budget doesn’t allow for it) So, let’s dive intoContinue reading “Relearning the Gospel (2)”

Trivial | Inspiration Monday

Greetings! (I have no idea how to do intros anymore for blog posts so please bear with me) You will most definitely agree with me that this year has been a sort of rollercoaster year. So much has been put on hold and a lot of lives have been affected. But today’s post isn’t aboutContinue reading “Trivial | Inspiration Monday”

The best thing in my life | Inspiration Monday 

This is going to be a very short post but I hope you’re blessed.  Everyone has those days that are filled with so much fun, laugher and joy and you never ever want them to go away. But then you have those days that suck. When you want to crawl up in a hole andContinue reading “The best thing in my life | Inspiration Monday¬†“

Firm and Tested 

I love to reminisce. To go over what has happened over time. The happy, bubbly moments and also the not so great ones. There’s always lesson behind it all. You don’t see it at first because at the moment you’re going through it, you’re focused on the now. But God sees the big picture. Ps:Continue reading “Firm and Tested¬†“

In Mind | Inspiration Monday 

Long before he laid down earth‚Äôs foundations, he had us in mind, had settled on us as the focus of his love……  Ephesians 1:4‚Ĩ MSG I struggled to find what to write on today. It’s been a while since I’d posted any inspirational content and I felt like I should do more of that becauseContinue reading “In Mind | Inspiration Monday¬†“

April’s Opportunities¬†

It’s a new month guysss!!! Happy April, Happy Easter and Happy Sunday!!¬† I hope you had an amazing Easter break with friends or family. However, if you were like me, stuck in school with exams knocking on the door, then that’s okay too! ūüėĀ I’m uber late on the new month vibes but I guessContinue reading “April’s Opportunities¬†“

The Other Day

Hi guys! It’s been a while. Hope you’re doing just fine. Well if you aren’t then cheer up, it’s going to be right! God’s in control! The other day, I saw this really cool video on youtube. I love it so much and I know it’s going to change someone’s life out there. Please listenContinue reading “The Other Day”

Success || Today’s Verse

Hello beautiful people! What’s up? How you doing? What you up to? How was your day? I know you’re wondering why I sound so excited today even though I haven’t been blogging for a while. Well, while we’re at the whole ‘why I haven’t been blogging in a while issue‘ let me just say thatContinue reading “Success || Today’s Verse”